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The Autoprop feathering propeller for cruising sailing yachts, displacement motor vessels, and hybrid and purely electrically driven craft with engines to 350hp

Autoprop’s unique design and superb build quality make it the first choice feathering propeller among cruising yachtsmen the world over, with drag reduction when sailing by at least 85%, and a unique ability to change pitch automatically to suit prevailing wind and sea conditions when motoring or motor sailing. Auto pitching, auto feathering, the same thrust in astern as ahead, less prop-walk in astern, a brand new version for hybrid and purely electrically driven vessels, and a recently developed ability to produce very efficient and economic propulsion for purely diesel powered displacement motor boats are more than reason enough.

Autoprop is a unique propeller which has been praised by yachting writers around the world. Whatever type of cruising sailing yacht you may own, mono or multihull, or displacement motor vessel, leisure or commercial. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

Autoprop in drive mode

In the world of leisure yachting our leading brands; the Autoprop feathering propeller and the Varifold folding propeller are acknowledged as world leaders in sailing boat propulsion. Our fixed bladed propellers for motor yachts, commercial and naval craft, are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards in order to provide outstanding performance.

You can see from the image Autoprop in drive mode. When reversing the blades swing through 180 degrees and produce the same thrust as in forwards. When sailing the blades feather automatically, reducing drag by up to 85%

Autoprop feathered


Autoprop is the cruising yachtsman’s propeller ‘par excellence’. As you can see from the animation on the left Autoprops blades can rotate through 180 degrees and the subtlety of their design allows them to produce the same amount of thrust whether the yacht is in ahead or astern. It is a unique propeller which, unlike its competitors, excels in all aspects of a cruising yachts use and does not compromise any of them.

Whether you are sailing, motor sailing, or motoring, Autoprop will dramatically enhance your yachts performance.



The feathered image on the right shows how, when sailing, Autoprop reduces drag by up to 85% compared with a three blade fixed propeller; with the two blade propeller the reduction can be even greater.

This drag reduction can equate to as much as one additional knot in sailing speed.


With other feathering and fixed pitch propellers performance under engine is a compromise. No such compromise exists with Autoprop, her blades admittedly rather an odd shape, are the result of a huge investment in design time and testing. The Autoprop blades, unlike those of conventional propellers, maximise the thrust delivered whatever rpm the yachts engine is running at.


Autoprop automatically varies its pitch depending on the conditions. Put simply, as the wind or sea conditions vary so does the blade pitch of your Autoprop. The less pressure the Autoprop feels on its blades the more pitch is applied and vice versa.

The result is maximum efficiency whatever the conditions, with increased speeds at lower engine revs and lower fuel consumption and emissions.


In reverse the Autoprop blades swing through 180 degrees and present exactly the same blade shape as they do ahead.

The result, the same excellent thrust, with greater stopping power and less prop walk.


Likewise in adverse weather conditions, the vessel’s speed will be reduced because of the adverse weather such as high winds and choppy sea conditions. The Autoprop senses the load acting upon it and reduces the pitch angle allowing the engine to to run to a higher maximum rpm.
Much like travelling up a hill in your car, you need a lower gear ratio to allow the engine to run faster and produce more power.


This unique feature of the Autoprop, enables the full power of the engine to be used in situations such as towing, or in emergencies. With conventional propellers because the pitch is too coarse at very low speeds, the engine cannot achieve its full revolutions and therefore full thrust is not achievable.

Click to download our Autoprop brochure for more details


The Autoprop brochure describes in some detail the unique benefits that you will obtain after you have fitted one to your vessel.

If, between the brochure and this website, you find yourself still with unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the methods on the ‘contact’ page.

Download a PDF of our Autoprop brochure


The Autoprop model range is extensive and there is a propeller available to fit most yachts with engines rated up to 350hp.
Versions specifically designed for saildrives are also available. Details of the range are below and further information can be found in our brochure.


Autoprop H20

Propeller diameters
330m to 430mm or 13″ to 17″

Shaft diameters
22mm to 30mm or 7/8″ to 1.25″

For engines rated to 40hp.


Autoprop H20

Propeller diameters
380mm to 510mm or 15″ to 20″

Shaft diameters
22mm to 35mm or 7/8″ to 1.5″

For engines rated to 75hp

H6, H9 & H62

Autoprop H20

Propeller diameters
470mm to 900mm or 19″ to 35″

Shaft diameters
35mm to 75mm or 1.5″ to 3″

For engines rated to 350hp


Autoprop H20

Propeller diameters
330mm to 430mm or 13″ to 17″

Suitable for all leading makes of saildrives.
Rubber insert prevents shock loads being taken by the shafting in the saildrive leg.
Double nut locking feature ensures secure fitting to saildrive leg.

APS (for saildrives)

Autoprop H20

Propeller diameters
330mm to 510mm or 13″ to 20″

Suitable for all leading makes of saildrives.
Rubber insert prevents shock loads being taken by the shafting in the saildrive leg.
Double nut locking feature ensures secure fitting to saildrive leg.


Nothing tells a products story better than owner’s own experiences and with Autoprop the message is one of satisfaction in every department: performance under sail, performance motor sailing, performance motoring, build quality and strength, and in our new green world, economy.
One of Autoprops earliest and greatest supporters is Sir Chay Blyth who, in the ’90’s’ fitted all of his BT Challenge yachts with Autoprops. He summed up his Autoprop experience saying, “I can highly recommend Autoprop propellers to all sail boat owners who want the very best performance under power and sail.”

We have selected just a few of the many messages we’ve been sent by owners explaining why Autoprops provide all the benefits in the first paragraph and more. They also reflect the vast range of craft, from traditional wooden yachts to fast modern catamarans, that have all hugely benefited from fitting the unique Autoprop.



Fitting and servicing Autoprops could not be easier. When you receive your Autoprop it comes ready assembled and one nut is all it takes to secure it to your yacht.

Servicing is just as simple, with routine cleaning for ballbearing types and cleaning and greasing for rollerbearing types being all that is needed when the yacht is lifted. Unlike many of our competitors propellers all the wearing parts of an Autoprop are replaceable.

Listed below are fitting and maintenance instructions for all our models. They are in PDF format for easy viewing or downloading..

View spares on our online store

Autoprop Tools


Fitting a shaft drive

Fitting to a Saildrive

Removing an Autoprop

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Yacht Magazine

Yacht Magazine

An excessive amount of engine power is always available, because this propeller comes up with optimum efficiency at any speed.

Voile Magazine

Yacht Magazine

The qualities of the Autoprop make it perfect for long distance cruising..

Vela e Motore

Yacht Magazine

Certainly one of the most interesting propellers in our survey. It demonstrated good speeds under all conditions.

Yachting Monthly

Yacht Magazine

Our tests show the Autoprop achieved 6 knots at 2100 rpm compared to 2500 rpm for our standard prop and most of the others on test.

Seil Magazine

Yacht Magazine

At RPM’s up to 2000, no other propeller can beat the Autoprop. It clearly gave more speed.