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Project Description

This 10m catamaran was about to cost her owner, Mark Jarvis, a small fortune when he decided that new up-rated engines where the only solution to her poor performance under power. Then he discovered Autoprops!

10 metre fast cruising catamaran
2 x 8hp engines

“Two Easy” is a 10m catamaran of a fast cruiser type. She is fitted with twin 8HP engines and was originally equipped with 2-blade folders.

After a major trip I was convinced that we would have to spend several thousand pounds on replacing the engines with larger ones in order to overcome what I saw as a significant and safety threatening failure in the boat. Specifically the engines were not capable of driving the boat into a head sea of more than force 3/4 and would not reverse in a Force 2. On passage we noticed that the SOG dropped to 0 when motoring into even a small tide and head sea.

This was not acceptable for a family boat and something needed to be done. As I began to research the options further I became aware of the Autoprop with its variable pitch capability. I now have a pair of H20 2-bladed Autoprops fitted to my catamaran. The performance transformation is amazing. In every respect the boat is entirely different. In a head sea she will now still punch the tide at 4 knots, even into a Force 5. When motor sailing the engine is happy to still be running and giving drive at 9 knots, with little or no change in engine rpm.

Perhaps the greatest difference is in reverse – where she will now go backwards at 5 knots and stop in her own length – all in all an incredible change from when I bought her.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is that when I turn the engines off (and lock it in gear) the drag is minimal, and the change from the 2-bladed folders is undetectable.

The Autoprops are not cheap but in comparison to the exchange of a pair of engines, together with the associated mess and disruption I think they were a very, very good investment.

“Two Easy”
Mark Jarvis