Pelagic’s 77 ‘Vinson’ chooses Autoprop feathering propellers

The incredible abilities of Bruntons Autoprop feathering propeller is a message which is getting through loud and clear. A new yacht has recently been launched which will be conducting expedition cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctic. She is the Pelagic 77, ‘Vinson’, which has been built by specialist builders KM Yachts and designed by Tony Castro in close collaboration with renowned yachtsmen Skip Novak.

Bruntons Autoprop feathering propeller
Bruntons Autoprop feathering propeller being fitted

Autoprops have been chosen for this twin engine yacht for the same reason they are selected by many cruising yacht owners. They provide excellent performance and lower fuel consumption thanks to their unique ability to auto pitch, ensuring the propellers provide the maximum propulsive effort whatever the wind and sea conditions.

However, for high latitude sailing, where a considerable amount of motoring is often required, propellers are essential that provide not just excellent performance but are built to the highest standards from the best possible materials. The Autoprop feathering propeller meets these requirements fully and has already demonstrated its abilities in the most hostile of environments on ‘Explore’, an ex-British Steel Challenge yacht. For many years she has been used as an expedition yacht providing cruises in Antarctica. Her feathering Autoprop had been at sea, often in the most testing conditions, for over 280,000 nautical miles before it was retired still in excellent working order.

The owners of the vessel replaced it with another #Autoprop!

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