Although it is early days for SigmaDrive they are already being fitted to a range of vessels. We were delighted that one of the first testimonials we received came from one of the United Kingdom’s most highly regarded constructors of custom built vessels, Cockwells of Falmouth.


Managing Director Dave Cockwell was happy to provide us with the following kind words

"At Cockwells we have used CV joints for many years but had issues with them, including bad corrosion occurring not long after fitting. This is an issue we do not have with the stainless steel and aluminium bronze constructed SigmaDrives and to date we, and our clients, have been very happy with the performance of them."

We are grateful to the owner of the SY Prism for making this video of his experience of the SigmaDrive.


Mollymawk is a Pan Oceanic 38 cutter, and we are very grateful to her owner for writing us a full report of his experiences with his SigmaDrive. It’s a report that covers so many of the questions a potential SigmaDrive purchaser may be asking that rather than editing it for this page you can read the full article below.

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