Waking Dream. Catana 381 catamaran

After researching four different propeller manufacturers, I purchased the ‘Bruntons’ 2 blade Varifold.

The four manufactures being considered were Flex-o-Fold, Gori, Max-Prop & Bruntons, they all proposed similar size props and to a lesser or greater degree they all conveyed to me that I would achieve good forward speed but were less positive about reverse.

During my 5 months of sailing in America, both reverse & forward speed & control of the boat proved to be excellent. Even in tight corners when docking, I was able to use the two engines effectively to spin the boat around on a sixpence, one engine in forward & one in reverse.

I could not say if the folding props were better or worse than the previous fixed props but, it was good to know they were folded away when sailing, helping to increase boat speed. More importantly the fear of rope snagging from the thousands of Lobster pots around Cape Cod faded away as well.

Barry Parkinson.





Beneteau Oceanis 473

Sailing Yacht Leonora entered two sailing regattas this year and finished at the top of their class for each one. Their sailing speed was helped by the reduction in drag from the Varifold.


"Your prop is fab, the Leonora Crew love it. We won our cruising class in Bequia 2013, and also the Barbados Mount Gay regatta 2013, knocked the socks off of everyone, the fast cruiser with no water resistance. Bruntons Varifold is the best!!!" 

Captain of S/Y Leonora






Moody 45 DS

As promised, please see the results of my sea trial after fitting your Brunton VF 4B 22"x15" propeller, I hope this information will be of some help for your records.

As you know I have a Moody 45 deck saloon.  When I bought the boat, it was fitted with a Gory folding propellor which performed perfectly well when under sail, but because I motor sail 50% of the time I wanted the boat to perform to the best of its ability.

After discussing my requirements with you, you put together a speed graph showing the different options relating to propeller size and speed achieved at deferent RPM, I found this a great help in deciding which option to choose.

On a calm day in Torbay earlier this year I carried out speed trials motoring in different directions and found that the predicted speeds on your graph where very close to the speeds achieved in my trials.

I found that after fitting the Brunton propeller the boat had more positive drive especially when going astern.

I am very satisfied with the performance of the propeller and the service given by Brunton's.

I would be happy to recommend this type of propeller to Moody 45DS owners.


Tony T