Yves Kinnard and Autoprop conquer the Atlantic in a 21 foot motor yacht. After first deciding that he had to use an Autoprop because of its ability to cut fuel consumption Yves Kinnard discovers other reasons to fit the propeller to subsequent yachts.

Yves Kinnard, successfully challenged the Atlantic in a tiny trawler style motor yacht of only 6.5 metres in length. The yacht, “Spirit of Arielle” propelled by an Autoprop, was designed by Yves and built at the yard he owns in the French Antilles.

P214, the boats yard number, was a successful attempt by Yves to demonstrate that it was perfectly possible to design a small motor yacht, which was both sea kindly and comfortable enough to undertake long ocean passages. His tiny vessel not only carried enough fuel, thanks partly to the Autoprop, but also had enough stores for his crew of three.

Yves, a qualified Naval Architect, selected an Autoprop, after very careful research and experimentation. A journey of some 3977 nautical miles with only one fuelling stop in the Azores 

requires a well-designed vessel with the right engine being driven by the right propeller. He freely admits that when he first saw the propeller, its unusual design had him thinking that it would not work, but he was to be pleasantly surprised! “After testing and comparing with a fixed blade propeller, the difference was very evident. Both propellers were capable of providing the same speed of about 8 knots at maximum engine revs; the Autoprop however delivered 6 knots at 1250 rpm, while the fixed bladed propeller required 1500 rpm to achieve the same speed. Cruising was therefore much more fuel efficient and the propeller runs very quietly and smoothly, without delay between forward and astern.”

 As Yves further discovered the Autoprops ability to constantly change its pitch depending on engine revs and sea state meant that it was only at full power that the fix bladed propeller was able to achieve the same performance. Yves is now convinced that Autoprop is a propeller that should be seriously considered by any owner of displacement motor yachts. “On its own the Autoprop contributed a fuel reduction that I estimate to be of the order of 15%” says Yves, who is specifying Autoprop for all future builds of his P214 design.


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